A Guide to Williamsburg Loft Shopping, Courtesy of The Row

A Guide to Williamsburg Loft Shopping, Courtesy of The Row

We stan Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, and we always will — that's why we're rejoicing that the duo's newest collection for The Row Spring 2020 season is one of the most "Olsen twins" things you'll ever see. Every model looks like they're straight out of an UberBlack on its way to a SoHo studio hosting an avant Outsider Art exhibition with extremely limited entry. The pieces are hyper-expensive-looking exaggerations of Uniqlo-chic styles and silhouettes, armed and ready to get you to the front of any La Colombe line in New York City.

The collection is aspirational, to say the least; in each plain power jumpsuit and relaxed-fit dress shirt, I see a more evolved version of myself: a full-time tech executive and mom with a different Equinox trainer for each day of the week, and a personal assistant that knows exactly what Enya song I want playing as I enter my post-minimalist open office space. It's Fashion FanFic, sure, but it's like I can see exactly how each outfit would fit into my best life's day-to-day schedule.

If we're going to indulge the fantasy, we might as well go all the way. Go Williamsburg loft shopping with PAPER in the slideshow, below, dictated exclusively by staples of The Row Spring 2020 collection.

Rise & Shine

Time to wake up! At 4 AM, you slink out of your California king bed, covered in 2,000 thread count sheets and custom painted by your frenemy from boarding school, Jacques. Yep, he does art now! You make your way out of your brownstone off Bedford Ave, headed on a contemplative walk before your morning pour-over. What better outfit to wear than this flowing beige ensemble, nearly hanging off your shoulders and as you dare to let the sleeves bunch up at your elbows? While heading out, you pass by a group of The New School students on their way home from a night of raucous partying. Bedford is becoming too much like Manhattan; it's no place to start your passion project — a crystal anklet business — and raise your daughter, Bronwyn-Kayleigh. You need a loft closer to the water, so you call up your family's Compass agent and he takes the first Blade back from the Hamptons to help you on your property journey.

Photos via Imaxtree