The Garden Are Goth Jesters in 'Orange County Punk Rock Legend'

The Garden Are Goth Jesters in 'Orange County Punk Rock Legend'

by Payton Dunn

The Garden is smashing their way back into music yet again on their new song, "Orange County Punk Rock Legend," and this time, they’re ready to do it all on their own in true punk, anti-establishment fashion.

"Orange County Punk Rock Legend" is as playful as it is nihilistic, with two equally carefree guitar parts talking over each other — a juxtaposition that somehow delves the whole song into chaos, as drums distorted to the point of erosion pound over it all and melt the skull down to bone.

The duo — made up of twin brothers Wyatt Shears and Fletcher Shears — is back in the music video for the song. They’re lathered up in their classic black and white face paint, reviving the most over-the-top aspect of ‘70s glam rock and making it inexplicably cool again in a way that only they know how.

They’ve also grabbed outfits from possibly the most nonsensical corners of their wardrobe, both dressing from head to toe in goth jester outfits and screaming out their new song at the top of their lungs to an almost empty skate park. The image is somewhat dystopian and made all the more unsettling when they pull out a giant jester to wander around the park. It towers above the few skaters still going at it, seemingly somehow unaware of everything transpiring behind them.

If that didn’t sound absurd enough, Shears explained the process behind creating the song to PAPER, saying, "'Orange County Punk Rock Legend' was written in the back of an old restaurant, called Yang Ming. I decided to write it after being slapped by the old cook.”

The song is the lead single off their forthcoming album, Horseshit on Route 66 Album Stream, due out September 8. It’ll be their first full-length independent release since 2013, leaving the legendary punk label Epitaph Records. As the title plainly states, they’re now legends in their own right and they’re ready to take the world all on their own.

They’ve been honing their craft since debuting in 2011, having put out four full-length albums and an endless stream of EPs since then. They’ve gathered a crowd of fans eager to listen to their unhinged musical experimentation that flies in the face of any established musical standards or conventions.

That mentality has created a sound and a presence that is unique to them, and they’re ready to continue pushing that full steam ahead as they keep grinding closer and closer to that full album release.

Photos courtesy of The Garden