The DeepFaith Presents a Crypto Digital Opera

The DeepFaith Presents a Crypto Digital Opera

Described as "an emerging digital dimension" hailing from the land down under, artists Byron Spencer and Daniel Stricker are back with the latest offering from their multi-faceted hybrid art and music project, The DeepFaith.

Combining live avatars, motion capture, NFTs and various mixed media works with an equally diverse cast of collaborators and contributors (John Carrol Kirby, Kirin J Callinan, Devon Lee Carlson, Hi Mum I'm Dead, Serwah Attafuah), The DeepFaith is embarking on a constantly evolving and ever expanding "Crypto Digital Opera." Commissioned by the Sydney Opera House, The DeepFaith's latest single, "Until We Fly," serves as the opening credits to this cyber-psychedelic opus.

A surreal acid trip through the Australian outback with floating CGI avatars, drumming spacemen and oversaturated sunsets, "Until We Fly" immerses viewers into The DeepFaith's feverish day-glo world in a montage worthy of an '80s art house film. Beginning its life with Jamie XX in his London studio, the track is a bubbly little bit of synth-pop with dreamy shoegaze vocals, and a screaming guitar and kazoo closer.

The video arrives alongside an exclusive run of 50 NFTs, which will allow holders access to The DeepFaith gated community where they will have the privilege of accessing new music, art and more related to the project before anyone else.

Introduce yourself to the world of The DeepFaith, below, with the PAPER premiere of "Until We Fly."

Photo courtesy of The DeepFaith