What Is Going on With Tara Reid's TikTok?

What Is Going on With Tara Reid's TikTok?

by Kenna McCafferty

On October 6, Tara Reid's TikTok captured the internet's attention with a pseudo-hypnotic sunset video captioned, "Never let them steal the light behind your eyes," wherein the camera approaches and backs away from Reid’s trademark blue eyes and her raspy voice rings over the audio. "Never let them steal the light behind your eyes," she tells viewers. "Never."

These ominous words of encouragement (or warning, we’re not sure) sparked a surprise resurgence for the Sharknado front woman. Some fans found her jarring gaze similar to that of Miley Cyrus' crossfaded 2008 Grammys red carpet look that made meme history.

But the TikToks didn’t end there. Ever since, Reid's account has become more and more uncanny. What was once a place of Q&A’s and BTS American Pie tidbits has become a post-ironic palace of singing, motivation sketches and... Jedward?


Cause you love my singing so much here’s another one 😜 #TaraReid #fyp #britneyspears 💜

A special shout-out to whomever is on camera, for their dizzying technique of zooming in and out with no particular rhyme or reason. But Reid seems to be taking creative license on most of her content, which now includes acappella covers and even some original songs.


feeling the vibe ##tarareid##fyp

As of now, it’s unclear what any of this means for Reid. Maybe she hired a new social media team (or fired her social media team entirely); perhaps she’s entering the early aughts it-girl to autotune pop princess pipeline; or it could all be some strange and extremely effective Halloween prank.

After all, the first notably different TikTok did come in the form of a morning rendition of "Here Comes the Sun" exactly on October 1.


Here comes the Sun #Tarareid #Fyp

Happy Spooky Season to all the Taradactyl's out there!

Photos via TikTok/@thetarareid