Swimsuits That Suit You

Swimsuits That Suit You

Photography and video by Tom Kneller / Styling by Zoey Radford Scott / Hair by Evanie Frausto / Makeup by Raisa FlowersApr 05, 2023

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It used to be that shopping for swimwear was a fairly straightforward experience. You had the choice of a bikini, a tankini and one piece; or swim trunks or a speedo. Now, the experience challenges you as a shopper to opt for modes of self-expression that extend far beyond color or print. It’s possible that as a result of the pandemic restrictions being lifted, the desire to be seen, truly seen, is at an all time high. Whether you’re a modest dresser, one who prioritizes comfort and mobility, or you just enjoy showing off your skin in avant-garde designs, swimwear designers have taken to heart the ethos of “every body is a beach body.”

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The Berlin-based label Ottolinger burst onto the scene in 2015 with its post-apocalyptic clothing that often features web-like detailing and psychedelic color combinations straight out of a lava lamp. The brand adapted its futuristic aesthetic to swim offerings, with a shape-shifting selection that is intricate and artful, and can double as sexy summer tops. Yes, the designs are revealing, but if you’ve got it, now’s the time to flaunt it.


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There are also other ways to make a statement that don’t necessarily involve showing lots of skin. Isa Boulder’s clothing prioritizes craftsmanship and artisanal techniques, so it’s no surprise that she elevates classic swimwear shapes by playing with textures like ruching and satin finishes, as well as a selection of metallic and highly reflective fabrics. Her “Nina” one-piece, for example, stands out because of its vintage silhouette that’s made modern with “notice me” shades, like acid green, metallic silver or bright fuschia. Meanwhile, Jade Swim offers mix-and-match pieces in a variety of cuts and colors that are all sustainably made in the United States, further emphasizing the concept that swimwear should be as big a representation of your personal style as any other piece of clothing you put on your body.

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Similarly, Nu Swim is another label centering sustainability with its mix-and-match pieces, placing special emphasis on an expansive size range, and modest and gender-neutral styles that do not skimp on the cool factor. These styles often include higher necklines, fuller-coverage bottoms and ones that cover the arms and legs, like baggy and biker shorts — though if you want something itsy bitsy, they’ve got that too. Elsewhere, swim hijabs and so-called “burkinis” are made up of bold colors, and chic and elegant prints that totally combat the idea that “modest” equals mundane or uninteresting.

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