Would You Wear Supreme Lipstick?

Would You Wear Supreme Lipstick?

Forget Kylie Cosmetics, goodbye Fenty Beauty, catch you later Pat McGrath Labs, there's a new brand potentially foraying into beauty — and it might just take over the industry altogether.

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Supreme has built its reputation on embracing almost every retail opportunity. While the streetwear company's roots are in skatewear and accessories, it has since expanded to offer many different Supreme-branded products, from dog leashes to inflatable kayaks. So why not mix it up a even more and add in makeup products?

An account sharing potential Supreme releases and other leaked updates from the brand, @supreme_leaks_news, posted an image of a Supreme-packaged red lipstick with the accompanying caption, "Supreme could possibly be releasing a lipstick at some point according to a leak we have seen."

Naturally, considering the majority of Supreme fans are male-idenitifying hypebeasts, the majority of feedback on the post was that makeup release seems like a left-of-field move from the brand. Conflicting opinions divided @supreme_leaks_news's comments section, with some fans argued resellers would struggle to keep a perishable beauty product in mint condition, while others claimed that while Supreme may be re-attempting to better connect with female consumers, beauty nuts are unlikely going to risk investing in a beauty debut just for the company in question's perceived 'clout.'

Another Instagram commenter implied that if a woman was to tell a potential suitor she was wearing Supreme lipstick, he would naturally become more attracted to her. "Just tell em girls you wearing Supreme lipstick and your success rate will rise up to 169% #nohomo," @leland_hettig wrote, in which case, well, maybe just apply another coat of Ruby Woo, because who would know the difference?

Regardless, you can guarantee YouTube's beauty gurus are going to be ready to review. Frankly, we can't wait.

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