Adventuring Hypebeasts Can Now Buy a Supreme Kayak

Adventuring Hypebeasts Can Now Buy a Supreme Kayak

It's the Supreme product we never asked for and probably don't need: a kayak. That's right, the streetwear giant is now seeking to dominate the high seas.

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For their Spring '18 collection, the label famous for making actual bricks with their logo has added a few more niche items to their arsenal. You can now purchase a Supreme-branded axe, kayak, pinball machine, umbrella, vase, life vest, "don't ask 4 shit" stamp, and a cartridge flask.

Yikes! All of these products were no doubt designed with the image-conscious, outdoors-y Supreme-consumer in mind (do they exist?), but will more likely be found decorating the room of a non-kayaking, non-pinball playing, non-axe swinging, non-shooting hype beast with a "don't ask me 4 shit" attitude — which, frankly, is much more preferable.

Pull out your sleeping bag and get ready to wait for the drop.

Photos Courtesy of Supreme


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