Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

I'm dying to know how this story ends [nochillatall]

Whatcha sippin on [strklr]

I solemnly promise that I will put this gif of Coco spilling wine on her baby in the Funnies literally every time it appears on my Tumblr dash, so help me god [mensrightsactivia]

it doesn't have to be this way [mensrightsactivia]

punk ass [disconymph]

I love Gen Z so much

Drink this in [weirdwideweb]

Love is real [dadchelorpad]

Dope [nochillatall]

Michael B Jordan, we're through - ya hear me? [dadchelorpad]

Oh my god [pettycentral]

Getting caught twerking by Bill Nye is my kink [mensrightsactivia]

SLEVE MCDICHAEL [weirdwideweb]

Yeah, it's gonna be like this for awhile [quickweaves]

Our generation will literally have decide when to teach our children what memes are [dadchelorpad]

Hey wanna watch a Korean game show where people try and eat lunch in class without getting caught with a super-intense play-by-play? [devilbox]

Meanwhile, on Irish Twitter [mensrightsactivia]

Have a great week everybody!