Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

good boys club [jesuisperdu]

weirdly i get it [tastefullyoffensive]

be safe out there guys [knowyourmeme]

Don't be afraid to really sell it [sonny5ideup]

Hope you like dogs yelling at lemons [tastefullyoffensive]

Mood AF [christopherbarnard]

(not boy) [dadchelorpad]

Please contact me on my direct line if you know where to cop these leggings [theoldness]

honestly, what's the best case scenario of driving around with an eel truck [nochillatall]

fuuuuuccckkk []

Sent from my iPad [gothqueenbee]

It's like a fairy tale! [nochillatall]

stay away u devil [weirdwideweb]

You could literally just repurpose their existing song about gum for Sean Spicer [chescaleigh]

My longest "HI HONEY" ever [respectfulmemes]

hold my beer [nochillatall]

Whom'st is your insurance provider? [nochillatall]

shrugs [nochillatall]

Smell ya later numb nuts [knowyourmeme]

AAAAAAAAA [knowyourmeme]

Have a great week, everybody!


Tei Shi Takes Us on Tour in Williamsburg

Photography by Andy Martinez / Story by Ivan Guzman