Sunday Funnies

Sunday Funnies

This changed my life [kalesalad]

It's a magical place [mensrightsactivia]

Too much glamour for the security line [theoldness]

lol [artbabygrace]

... you can suppress your menses? [nochillatall]

If Trump died tomorrow and Melania was willing to spill all the tea, would you forgive her? [weirdwideweb]

preeetttyyyyy [gaymemeteam]

DON'T YOU TOUCH HER [nochillatall]

Fuuuuuucck [prettylittlethang]

Irish twitter is WILD [americanboyftkanye]

Peddle your wares elsewhere [gothaunt]

Hope you guys had a great Cher's Birthday this week [nochillatall]

surprise bitch : ) [weirdwideweb]

Just a wailing couch troll [gothaunt]

This song about polyamory is high art [chrisfleming]

Let me know, thanks [gothaunt]

He wasn't good enough for her [sonny5ideup]

My child [mensrightsactivia]

Major husband material [blacktwittercomedy]