Summer Walker Really Hates Her Job

Summer Walker Really Hates Her Job

Summer Walker is fed up with all that comes with being a famous musician. The singer, and new mother, took to Instagram recently and let out her frustrations, hinting that she could potentially be leaving the industry soon.

Walker posted on Instagram stories and made it clear just how much she doesn't like being in the industry. "I legit hate this job," she wrote. "Lol why can't I just put out music [without] stalkers being obsessed with my private life. I need to start figuring out my next job."

This isn't the first time that Walker has had words about how she feels about her career. In 2019, she abruptly canceled the rest of a tour because she felt that people weren't respecting her space, leading her to have social anxiety.

Just days ago, Walker gave birth to a baby girl with producer London On Da Track. She then took to Instagram to let fans know of a fan made page for her daughter that isn't connected to the singer. "So I guess a fan made this page but let's be very clear, there will be no pictures of my child on the internet," she wrote. In the caption, she continued the thought. "Don't' be sick & obsessed. Let's respect my privacy."

Walker's Life On Earth EP dropped last year. Her debut album, Over It, came out in 2019.

Let's hope that Walker doesn't pull away from making music. It's important for fans to remember that musicians don't owe you anything. Treat them respectfully.

Photo via BFA/ Virisa Yong