Meet the Stars of Charli XCX's 'Pop 2'

Meet the Stars of Charli XCX's 'Pop 2'

By Julia Gray

We praised Charli XCX's latest bubblegum pop creation, Pop 2, for its dreamy, hairbrush microphone-inspiring sentiment. As its title suggests, the album is pure, crystallized pop music. Charli sees classic 2000s-era pop from a modern lens, but Pop 2 truly sparkles in its carefully curated group of collaborators. Here are some of our favorite features for you to check out:

Kim Petras (@kimpetras)

German pop star

As heard on: "Unlock it"

Makes: Sunny-n-sweet pop

Our favorite song: "I Don't Want It All"

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Dorian Electra (@dorianelectra)

Texas singer, songwriter, and performance artist

As heard on: "Femmebot"

Makes: Funky, synthy, status quo-questioning dance jams

Our favorite song: "Drag"

CupcakKe (@cupcakkeafreakk)

Viral Chicago rapper

As heard on: "I Got It"

Makes: Dirty rap about everything from S&M to social issues and personal struggle

Our favorite song: "LGBT"

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Pabllo Vittar (@pabllovittar)

Brazilian singer and drag queen

As heard on: "I Got It"

Makes: Radio-ready Latin pop

Our favorite song: "K.O."

Alma (@cyberalma)

Finnish singer/songwriter

As heard on: "Out Of My Head"

Makes: Pop ballads with soul

Our favorite song: "Dye My Hair"

Brooke Candy (@brookecandy)

Singer-stylist-artist extraordinaire

As heard on: "I Got It"

Makes: Music that doesn't settle into one genre

Our favorite song: "Volcano"

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Photo via Charli XCX