YouPorn Claps Back at Starbucks' In-Store Porn Ban

YouPorn Claps Back at Starbucks' In-Store Porn Ban

In a move that dashed the hopes of overconfident creeps everywhere, Starbucks recently announced that they would be blocking porn sites from their in-store free wifi. To the surprise of many, this is apparently a real problem that the coffee shop chain faces that has gotten to the point where they have been forced to take active measures to stop it. And while it begs the question as to what kind of person watches porn in a Starbucks? Our hearts have to go out to the poor barista that has to ask a customer to take their Salted Caramel White Chocolate Mocha and take their erotic clips elsewhere.

But you know that the Starbucks Porn Ban saga doesn't end there. In retaliation, popular porn site YouPorn has fired back with a ban on Starbucks in there offices. Circulating a memo among the company's staff, YouPorn instituted an internal policy change that would ban all Starbucks products from the company premises.

Pure corporate pettiness, on par with fast food chain Wendy's viral mixtape We Beefin'?, YouPorn is not one to mess around. It is unclear if the company envisions a sex-positive utopia where we are all free to watch porn wherever we please and Starbucks' puritanical moral standards are getting in the way of that crusade but what the company has made clear is that from now on they will be switching to

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