The Spice Girls Are Making an Animated Superhero Movie

The Spice Girls Are Making an Animated Superhero Movie

I feel like the Spice Girls are really playing with our emotions.

There was recent talk of a reunion tour after an Instagram snap that showed the fab five catching up after all these years to reminisce on the good ol' days when their particular brand of girl power reigned supreme. That, sadly, was a trollfest designed to f**k with us maybe for pre$, maybe because at one point in time it was a serious consideration. We've had to imagine what it would be like if Charli XCX, Zara Larsson, Dua Lipa, and others formed Spice Girls 2.0, but WE SHALL SEE what more comes from the original Spice camp on the musical front.

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Regardless, Variety reports that a Spice Girls reunion of some kind is likely after all, though it may not look how we thought it would. Apparently, the five legends want to make a superhero movie (animated, because let's be real, the live-action one was the iconic-but-terrible Spice World, duh, and we all remember how that turned out, bless).

According to Variety, the girls are "fired up" about the idea, which will incorporate their voices and likenesses into characters inspired by their on-stage personas. I am seriously wondering what Posh's superpower would be. I wonder if it might somehow involve design shears and dress forms, and like, making chic clothes for Stormy Daniels to wear upon her any-day-now takedown of 45. Who wouldn't want that? A girl can dream!

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