Shut Up and Speed Over to Rihanna Drive

Shut Up and Speed Over to Rihanna Drive

While we already know it's Rihanna's world and we're just living in it, turns out if you inhabit a particular street in Barbados where Robyn Fenty spent her childhood, you're also now living on Rihanna Drive. Too blessed.

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The nation of Barbados honored their cultural ambassador by renaming the Westbury New Road, the street she grew up on, after her, and to unveil "Rihanna Drive" yesterday (which happened to also be Barbados Independence Day) the singer showed up in sunshine yellow and shut the whole situation down. I mean, your fave could never.

Angels walk among us.

A plaque, positioned at the Rihanna Drive entrance, includes a personal statement from Ms. Fenty:

"Welcome to Rihanna Drive... My home," she wrote. "My whole life was shaped on this very road. I was just a little girl riding bikes, running around barefoot, and flying kites in the cemetery, but I had BIG dreams. Dreams that were born and realized right here. Thank you to my family, my country and the people of Westbury New Road! You will forever be a part of who I am, and for that I am honored to have this place named after me."

Now let's petition to rename "Shut Up And Drive" to "Shut Up And Rihanna Drive."

Photography: Sebastian Faena