Shamir Debuts 'Bipolar Butterfly' Collection for Mental Health Awareness

Shamir Debuts 'Bipolar Butterfly' Collection for Mental Health Awareness

Shamir has long been open about his mental health journey, from being diagnosed with bipolar disorder to navigating the music industry while dealing with his own demons. Today, the indie-rock artist is launching an apparel collection that includes some deeply personal references in order to help raise awareness and dismantle the stigma around mental illness.

The capsule of unisex streetwear pieces and hoodie is called Bipolar Butterfly and was done in partnership with AI design studio Urbancoolab. Portions of the proceeds will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

"After my bipolar diagnosis my mother had called me 'Butterfly' for the first time," Shamir said. "I still to this day have no idea why she started calling me that since my pet name up to that point was the more common 'Pumpkin'. My mental health journey has been deeply filtered through the butterfly iconography, which has been a source of comfort and stability in this unique (but not broken) life I live. The designs from this collection are directly inspired by the navigation of my mental health journey while living in the concrete jungle of South Philadelphia. "

Photography: Marcus Maddox