Serena Williams Revives the Spirit of the Catsuit in New Look

Serena Williams Revives the Spirit of the Catsuit in New Look

From the tennis courts to motherhood, Serena Williams is undeniably crushing it in all aspects of her life — and having since become a muse of designer Virgil Abloh, her fashion game has been elevated to a whole new level, as well.

We all remember the controversy surrounding the black catsuit that was deemed "disrespectful" by officials, and sparked a debate over the sport's antiquated set of rules and their selective enforcement on Williams. The catsuit had been specifically for Williams to help prevent life-threatening blood clots from forming after the birth of her daughter, but she took the ruling in stride saying that she had "since found other methods" to deal with the issue. This week at the Australian Open, we were treated to one of those new methods.

She stepped out in a turquoise leotard with bold graphic lines running across the waist and down the center, and paired the look with fishnet tights. A clever work around, the effect is subtle but incredibly stylish and likely adds a more comfortable range of mobility for Williams.

"I have been working really, really hard in the offseason to be incredibly fit and incredibly ready," Williams said, explaining her rationale behind the outfit. "Nike always wants to make an incredibly strong, powerful statement for moms that are trying to get back and get fit. That was basically it for me."

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