Selena Gomez's New Single Proves No One Knows Who She is Anymore

Selena Gomez's New Single Proves No One Knows Who She is Anymore

Who is Selena Gomez? It's a question we thought we all knew the answer to post "Come and Get it", certainly after "Hands to Myself", DEFINITELY re: "Kill 'Em with Kindness". She was the pop princess unafraid to embrace her sexuality with a good message, who was famously the victim in a seemingly very rough relationship with her male counterpart, pop prince Justin Bieber. She is vulnerable but strong, polite, grateful and overall very bankable.

Then came her surprising, heavily-hyped relationship with RnB's darling The Weeknd. Then came her very active role in getting teen suicide series 13 Reasons Why produced. Now, she is having ultimate Canadian cool girl Petra Collins shoot her in a hospital bracelet that reads "RISK", and sampling iconic rock band Talking Heads for new music. It's a far-cry from her past output, like this mild culturally appropriating video for a catchy track laden with sexual-innuendo, so what does this all mean? Who is Selena Gomez?

We seem to have only just scratched the surface.

Here is a weird video snippet, to pique your interest further.

What does anything mean anymore.


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