Selena Gomez Is Peak "Grateful" But Maybe Not Happy in Vogue's 73 Questions

Selena Gomez Is Peak "Grateful" But Maybe Not Happy in Vogue's 73 Questions

In case you haven't heard, very beautiful and impossibly adult Selena Gomez, is the star of Vogue's latest 73 questions video and it sure experience. So what did we learn about Selena? Let's see.

A. She's not great at pretending to think about her answers, but c'est la vie.
B. She's the damn nicest person in the world and you'd do well to remember it.
C. She's all about gratefulness.

Yes. Grateful, Selena reveals, is in fact her favorite word. There's not a person inhabiting this planet as grateful for what they have as Selena. Selena loves her mom, she loves her fans, she loves it all...except, maybe just not that last part.

When asked where she wants to be in 10 years Selena, sighs, saying "hopefully happy," but it doesn't end there.

"What makes you the angriest?" Vogue, rubbing its palms together in glee, fully aware this is the kind of juice clicks are made of, queries.

"People that act entitled." Selena, woman who dated [arguably] the most entitled human on earth for three years, replies. She's too grateful to get any more real than that.

While it's kind of impossible to question Selena's authenticity throughout the interview – she is indeed branded as the loveliest (and honestly most patient) of all of people – the point when she seems most genuine is singing a jingle for carpet cleaning business (who paid for that kind of plug???!?). Still though, she doesn't crack a smile.

Biggest takeaway? Well, even though Selena doesn't seem altogether that stoked to be there, you should know she's really very grateful.

Here are a few still of Selena being grateful, just so you really get the idea.

Mildy grateful:

"Hey thanks so much for telling me I used 'facetious' wrong"–grateful.

Very humble, much gratitude.

When even thinking about being grateful, makes you feel more grateful.

"Wyd?" "Just hanging being grateful, you?"

Peak grateful.

Check out the full interview below, and feel extremely grateful for the life you lead.