Selena Gomez Has a "Fetish" for Destroying Things In New Petra Collins-Directed Video

Selena Gomez Has a "Fetish" for Destroying Things In New Petra Collins-Directed Video

Two weeks ago, Selena Gomez shared the Petra Collins-directed lyric video for her new single "Fetish" featuring Gucci Mane. In that clip, Collins' lens zoomed in on Gomez's mouth as she lip synced the words like she was trying to audition for RuPaul's Drag Race.

Today, the singer has shared the single's official video and, let's just say Ms. Gomez is not the same girl you used to know. Featuring the same familiar (but no doubt, continuously alluring) aesthetic we've come to expect from a Petra Collins visual, the vintage-feeling "Fetish" video is full of glittering lights, soft pastels, flowers, and more than a few nods to young adult ennui and angst. And, unlike the lyric video, Gucci Mane (wearing a Gucci polo and belt) does make an appearance in this video—albeit, clearly not in the same shoot as Gomez's.

Though there is no clear storyline that would align with Gomez's assertion that "you've got a fetish for my love," the video is definitely attention-grabbing. When she's not aimlessly staring up into the sun, the other Selena can be found attempting to use eyelash curlers on her tongue, ripping her tights while she sits on a sofa by herself, shoving strawberry-stained broken glass into her mouth, mindlessly throwing freshly-bought groceries around her kitchen, and escaping the hot summer heat by locking herself in a nice subzero freezer. And, for some reason, when it starts raining in her house as she sits at a dining room table completely covered with full glasses of wine, Gomez doesn't hop on the phone to call a plumber. She just writhes on the table instead.

Watch below.

Splash photo via YouTube