Sedona's Fairytale Goes Awry in 'Bullseye'

Sedona's Fairytale Goes Awry in 'Bullseye'

If you've ever watched a bow and arrow take aim at an apple balancing on someone's head and feared the absolute worst, Sedona's new "Bullseye" music video brings your nightmares to life — but it's all in the name of love, or at least the many complications.

In the Madeline Leshner-directed visual, the indie musician lines up her bandmates in an open field before unleashing her arrow directly into one girl's heart. "Guess we forgot what we had learned," she sings repeatedly, outlining the constant ups and downs of a tumultuous love affair.

"Chasing the highs and lows of love instead of the steadiness that a healthy relationship should bring is what this song is all about," Sedona tells PAPER. "Even when you know the right call is to end it, it's hard cutting ties with someone you care about."

She continues, "Testing the waters over and over again, hoping different tides will come in can become an addicting thrill. Perhaps 'Bullseye' will help those stuck in similar situations to free themselves from relationships that are no longer working. A girl can dream."

Capturing the insanity of expecting different results from the same habits, Sedona's "Bullseye" video looks feverish — like slipping inside a stranger's dream or a spying on a cultish crew that's separated themselves from reality. Dressed in full cottagecore — styled by Haley Elise — Sedona's fairytale has clearly gone awry.

With Merilyn Chang on keys, Claire Gilb on guitar, Margaux Bouchegnies on bass and Tia Cestaro on drums, "Bullseye" sounds like a perfect mix of Sedona's influences, from the whimsical folk of Stevie Nicks to the nostalgic synth-pop of Madonna.

Watch the PAPER premiere of "Bullseye," above, and stream Sedona's latest (via Flexible Distribution), below.

Photos courtesy of Sedona