Saweetie Is Immortal, Baby

Saweetie Is Immortal, Baby

By Erica CampbellJan 22, 2024

Have you been knocked down? Do you get back up no matter what? Do you identify as a Pretty Bitch? Then Saweetie has got a braggadocious, confidence confirming track just for you. Her new single, “Immortal Freestyle” is all about the daily challenges of being an incomparable bad bitch about her business.

“I think 'Immortal Freestyle' is just a statement for all the girls who feel like they’ve been knocked down before and always, continuously get up no matter what,” Saweetie tells PAPER. “I just wanted to inspire my Icy Girls to continue to do what they do, no matter how tough and dangerous the storm may look. Because if you keep preserving and if you keep doing what you’re supposed to do, you’ll get to your destination. We’re immortal baby. I know that’s right!”

In the visuals for the track, Saweetie drives around with mermaid-length blonde locks and ornamented nails, diamonds while reminding listeners that she’s the ultimate mood board (“copy and paste hoe, I’m the inspiration”).

Below, the Icy Girl herself talks to PAPER about her latest video, making “pretty bitch” music and the special connection she has with her fans.

What was the inspiration behind the “Immortal Freestyle” video? What was the vibe you wanted to share through the visuals?

I wanted to convey a West Coast, Rich Girl lifestyle because that’s what I am, OK?! And I wanted to do some low key fly shit! Nothing too crazy, just Saweetie on a regular Monday night in LA.

“Got good karma and good kama sutra” is a killer line — what did you mean by that bar?
I’ll leave it up to the imagination baby!!

What message do you hope listeners and fans take away from “Immortal Freestyle”?

With anything that I put out, I love when my girls DM me. I love when they see me in public. I love when they tell me how a song has helped them get through a moment or era in their life. That’s my purpose always, just to connect to my girls out there because I feel like we’re all on this journey of life together.

What is “pretty bitch music” how do you define that sound and energy?

“Pretty bitch music” at face value can be taken in such a shallow way [laughs]. But when you actually read what I’m talking about and watch my interviews, pretty to me has always been about energy. It’s how you treat people; it’s how you move; it’s your aura! Pretty bitch music is a movement. I pray and I hope all my girls are able to tap into who they are, and they’re able to achieve their highest level of energy. Once you do that, it radiates, and that’s pretty to me. So that’s what pretty bitch music is. And you already know how I feel about “bitch.” It’s boss. It’s independent. It’s tough. It’s CEO. And I’m a Bay Girl so the H is for Hyphy. Shout out to all my pretty bitches. I know that’s right! “

What are you most excited to share with fans next?

I'm excited about all of the overseas opportunities this year that will allow me to connect with fans around the world.

Photography: Hunter Moreno, Masahico Torres