If you own an Alexa, the voice of Samuel L. Jackson could soon be answering your queries in his dulcet and delightfully expletive-laden tones. And for just 99 cents! He is the first celebrity to lend his voice to Amazon's home assistant and will do so in the Jackson equivalent of day and night mode: clean and explicit versions.

You can summon the celebrity by asking Alexa, "Introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson." As Variety reports, while Jackson's voice pack cannot help you with reminders or grocery lists, he can set an alarm or wish you a happy birthday.

Amazon has teased that there will be other celebrity voices to feature on Alexa. Alexa's competitor, Google Home, has also launched its first celebrity voice, John Legend, earlier this year and will also introduce more celebrity voices at a later time.

With Jackson and Legend voicing our home assistants, the future is truly now. That said, I'm personally hoping the entirely of Jackson's entire iconic Pulp Fiction monologue will soon be available to wake me up in the morning.

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