The Royal Ladies Pulled Out the Big Jewels This Week

The Royal Ladies Pulled Out the Big Jewels This Week

Royal watchers had lots of excitement in the last week. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a huge splash in Australia. The King and Queen of Belgium made a visit to Portugal and the King and Queen of the Netherlands visited London.

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Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is considered by many the most stylish and charming Queen in the world. The Argentina-born Maxima isn't shy about showing her emotions in public, which is unusual for royals. She also has access to one of the most incredible stashes of jewels in the universe.

For the Dutch royals state visit to the UK, royal watchers were praying for an appearance by the Stuart tiara which hasn't been worn in public since 1972. Maxima wore the partial version of the convertible tiara (minus the top row of diamonds) in May. The focal point of the tiara is the show-stopper Stuart diamond which is just under 40 carats. Maxima wasn't satisfied with the wattage of the tiara and also wore the devant de corsage (the giant pin on her stomach) from the Stuart parure.

At the State Banquet the Duchess of Cambridge wore Queen Mary's Lover's Knot tiara, a favorite tiara of her late mother-in-law, Diana, Princess of Wales. She also wore Queen Alexandra's Wedding Necklace (a gift from her husband the future King Edward VII).

Meanwhile in Portugal, Mathilde, Queen of the Belgians was making a stylish splash herself on a visit to Lisbon. She wore the Brabant Laurel Wreath Tiara which was one of her wedding gifts. (Before becoming Queen, Mathilde's title was Duchess of Brabant)

Here's a closer view of the tiara and her fringe earrings.

Two of the guests at the State Banquet at the Palace of Ajuda were the Duke and Duchess of Braganza, who would be King and Queen of Portugal if the Portuguese monarchy still existed.

The Duchess of Braganza wore the Braganza Floral Necklace Tiara which is convertible and can be worn as a necklace or tiara.

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