Rihanna Launches Collection to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Rihanna Launches Collection to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Even before launching both Fenty Beauty and Savage x Fenty, Rihanna has consistently championed diversity and inclusivity through her work.

And now, the musician turned beauty mogul turned designer is pushing for a new cause. To show her support for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the singer has launched a new all pink collection called Thrivers.

Named after a group of young women who have lived through aggressive forms of breast cancer, the collection is accompanied by a campaign featuring the likes of Stephanie Seban, Bianca Muniz, Johanna De La Cruz, and Nalie Agustin.

"With every pink style purchased, you'll help the Clara Lionel Foundation Fund critical research and support for this lesser known group of young women living with aggressive forms of breast cancer," the brand explains.

"I want to raise awareness for under-served breast cancer communities and the Savage X Thrivers represent young women of all walks of life living and thriving with cancer," added Rihanna. "The easiest way for people to get involved and make a difference is by shopping this box and collection."

The collection will also be accompanied by survivor stories from the women featured in the campaign and will be shared throughout this month on the Savage x Fenty Instagram account.

"Sharing the evolution of your journey and your experiences makes other people feel less alone, less of an anomaly. It also raises awareness that if something feels wrong, you should get it checked out," Seban says in the campaign.

"I'm still learning, but I feel like I love myself and I love my body more than I ever have. It sucks that it took cancer for me to get there, but I'm here, and I'm learning everyday," adds Muniz.

The Savage X Thrivers collections is now live and available to shop here.

Photo via Instagram