Fenty Beauty Announces 50-Shade Concealer Range

Fenty Beauty Announces 50-Shade Concealer Range

2019 is all about looking cute even when you're exhausted! To help with that, Rihanna's Fenty Beauty has just announced a brand new 50 shade range of "creamy, crease proof, longwearing" concealers. Which is perfect, because having a week off work to watch limitless Netflix has completely ruined my sleep cycle.

Fenty says the new concealers are designed for "easily covering dark circles, bags, hyperpigmentation, and bad decisions." In other words, being hungover at work is now a secret between you and Rihanna.

But back to that 50 shade thing, which is obviously the headline here. The concealers match up with Fenty's famously inclusive Profilt'r foundation, which is also matte, long-lasting and work for an inclusive shade range. Which makes everything so easy! As long as you know your foundation shade, you know your concealer shade. No need to wait in line to use that Sephora mirror. The lighting is so bad in there.

The instant success of Profilt'r and other Fenty products has inspired numerous other beauty companies to expand their range of foundation shades in order to play catch up — but concealer, typically restricted to a couple of variations on pasty white, is definitely the next frontier. It's going to be a good year for beauty.

Mark the date in your brand new planner: Fenty Beauty's Profilt'r concealers are available from January 11. To learn more, watch Rihanna's new YouTube tutorial, below.


Image via Instagram