How Does Rihanna Feel About Being a Billionaire?

How Does Rihanna Feel About Being a Billionaire?

You may have heard the news: beauty mogul, fashion icon and occasional musician Rihanna recently became a billionaire, at least according to the not-always-reliablereporters over atForbes.

Fans have had mixed reactions to the announcement. On the one hand, eat the rich. On the other hand, the Bad Gal has given us so much, and can probably be trusted to spend her money much more wisely than Jeff Bezos.

But what does Rihanna herself have to say about entering the global financial elite? Luckily, a photographer recently thought to ask how it felt. Her answer was brief and humble: "God is good."

And in her case, at least, this is an accurate observation. Rihanna has an adoring man, mega-successful business and legendary music career. She wasrecently refused entry to a bar in Manhattan, but everyone involved no doubt feels pretty embarrassed about it.

It's yet to be seen how her billionaire status will affect Rihanna's career. Things got weird for Kanye when he hit nine figures. And the less said about Elon Musk, the better. But we suspect she'll play it cool... and here's hoping that she's now financially secure enough to take a break from the business world to finish that new record.

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