No One Understands How Rihanna Couldn't Get Into a Bar

No One Understands How Rihanna Couldn't Get Into a Bar

Today in baffling news, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were reportedly denied entry at an NYC bar after security stopped the international superstar for forgetting her ID.

That's right. Apparently, the It couple hit a snag during a chill Wednesday date night where they were seen publicly packing on the PDA for the first time since Rocky called her "the One." And in a viral video captured by a fan, it looked like it was all because Rih didn't have her ID.

The weirdest part though? The bar was supposedly an overpriced spot in Williamsburg named Barcade, which every Brooklynite knows as a first Tinder date spot where you can drink while playing Street Fighter.

But while we're starting to rethink our stance on the spot Rihanna goes to, the internet-at-large couldn't help but express their confusion over how the bouncer seemingly didn't recognize the international superstar. And crack R9 jokes, of course.

Granted, a few people came to the bouncer's defense by explaining that it's a matter of the bar potentially losing its liquor license if they don't card every person who walks through the door. That said, some also went on to joke that the manager would probably be less than pleased about the incident — even though they were still reportedly able to get in.

Photo via Angela Weiss / AFP