Attention: Rihanna Is the Best Boss

Attention: Rihanna Is the Best Boss

If there is anyone who would have permission to be the absolute worst, it's Rihanna. She recording two albums, running global makeup and lingerie companies, managing her man, going blonde. There's a lot on her plate, but throughout it all she also squeezes in being the world's best boss.

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The Bajan star's makeup artist and the woman behind all the best Fenty Beauty looks, Priscilla Ono, posted to Instagram asking for tips to retrieve her lost luggage after the airline was unresponsive. She clarified that her baggage consisted of all her makeup kits needed for work, and that many of the products were decades-old collectibles and irreplaceable.

"PLEASE HELP!" Ono wrote in an Instagram caption. "Yesterday a makeup artist's worst nightmare happened to me. @klm airlines has lost both my kit luggages with my entire work life in them! They have yet to contact me. I have filed a report but I cannot get in touch with anyone. Today I waited 40min on hold and then the phone hung up. This is so frustrating not to mention so sad 😟 I have tools in there I've collected for the past 14 years that are irreplaceable! Please if you know anyone at @klm Please tag them I need help trying to located these 2 luggages that are my life!! Also please help me by going to there last post and tagging me."

Naturally, Rihanna came to the rescue with a simple, "Got you sis," proceeding right to the airline's Instagram and leaving kind, but stern, message enquiring as to why the KLM was yet to respond to Ono.

It didn't take the airline long to respond, tagging Ono on the post with their apologies and reportedly sending her kits back within the day.

Ono later updated her post, explaining how the issue was resolved. "Still don't know what exactly happened, all I know is as soon [as] you all had my back, I got a message saying the bags were on their way. I'm so grateful for friends like you!"

We know what happened—Rihanna is the boss of dreams.

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