This Rapper Sounds Exactly Like Siri

This Rapper Sounds Exactly Like Siri

Caz, or HAZMATCAZ, is a Baltimore, Maryland-based rapper. And while she can spit sick bars, she's gone viral for her hidden talent: a spot-on Siri impersonation. And, seriously, you need to hear this.

It all began when Twitter user @Erinie_DaBest posted a video of Caz on Saturday afternoon at what looks to be a house party. She tweeted, "So last night I met the human form of Siri." Clearly, Caz was a hit at this party. Now, the video has over 149,000 retweets, and over 502,000 likes.

Since people discovered the video, many accused the rapper of lip syncing, or having someone else's phone talk. "For everyone saying that i'm faking the siri you hear in the background is me being previously recorded on someone else's phone and my friend asked me to do it again," she explained. "I've always has a good speaking voice it just came naturally to me one day and i've been doing it ever since"

She also proved all her doubters wrong with another video she recorded and posted to her own Twitter account on Saturday night.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to "Hood Siri," and, honestly, same:

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