Raycee Jones' New Video Is an Ode to Sexual Freedom

Raycee Jones' New Video Is an Ode to Sexual Freedom

In a post-#MeToo world, the crusade to sexually empower women continues, and rising New York-based songstress Raycee Jones is among the many leading the charge.

The soulful singer-songwriter and prominent member of the Richard Branson-invested musical community Sofar Sounds is known for her lush vocals and bare-all lyrics. Jones' first single from her debut album, "Dance in the Woods," navigates multiple key changes with grace and plays with our affinity for heady beats and heavy synths. It's sonic melted caramel, and the video is just as sensual, featuring allusions to sexual agency.

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"This video is a moment of release for me personally — it's taken years to create, and articulate how I feel inside sexually, emotionally, and physically," Jones says. "My hope is that will remain fluid and continue to evolve and grow as a part of the music I'm creating. 'Dance in the Woods' is a fantasy, a personal declaration of my inner strength and assertion of my femininity. It's breathed new life into the song as well as my spirit."

She continues, "Women are given power through sex and then it's sometimes taken away by societal desires and boundaries. I want this video to turn people on to their own inner feminine strength — however that looks for each person. There is never a right or wrong time to discover or create your inner fantasies, that lead you to feel yourself. All of us, whether male, female, trans, have a feminine energy inside... that is powerful."

Check out "Dance in the Woods," below.

Photo Courtesy of Raycee Jones