This Greta Thunberg-Inspired Collection Is a Call to Action

This Greta Thunberg-Inspired Collection Is a Call to Action

Teen activist Greta Thunberg's environmental rhetoric is resonating with a new generation of people, and her impact is spreading to fashion, as well. Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, founders of Swedish-based label Rave Review, cite her fight for change as an inspiration for them to spread her message and calls to action for our planet.

For their Spring 2020 collection, Rave Review wanted to create and inspire a new way of making clothes. "Fashion does not have to harm our planet," reads the collection's notes. "We have made sure of that." The designers further referenced notions of romanticism from the past with the "harsh reality" of climate change today.

Going against the fashion system's propensity of overproducing and mass consumption, this collection uses only pre-existing materials and unconventional fabrics such as upcycled vintage blankets, bleached flower bed-sheets and white table clothes. They also worked with dead-stock fabrics and second-hand denim to create things like lightweight summer dresses with knot details, patchwork denim tops with frayed hems, and printed trench coats.

Below, more looks from Rave Review's Spring 2020 collection.

Photos courtesy of Rave Review


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Story by Andrew Nguyen / Photography by Diego Villagra Motta / Styling by Angelina Cantú