Quarantine Diaries: Reggie Watts
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Quarantine Diaries: Reggie Watts

Intro by Ilana Kaplan

If anyone can make 24 mind-numbing hours of a life in quarantine funny, it's the comics we've asked to share a daily snapshot of what they're eating, doing, watching, thinking and Googling while under lockdown.

Honestly, there's not much that Reggie Watts can't do. The multi-hyphenate — who was born in Germany and raised in Montana — is known for his improv work and genre-fluid performances featuring his powerhouse vocals, a loop pedal and a keyboard. The comedian, actor, musician and recent app-developer has had a Netflix comedy special, was the frontman for neo-soul group Maktub, has released a handful of solo albums, has had many Comedy Central cameos and collaborated with everyone from John Tejada to Donald Glover. Since 2015, Watts has been bandleader for The Late Late Show with James Corden and you can also catch him in Netflix's recent documentary, Have a Good Trip, in which Watts and other actors, comedians and musicians share their experiences with psychedelics.

In March, a week before his birthday, Watts, 48, started isolating at his home in Silver Lake."You'll never forget it, that's for sure," he says of his special day this year.

It just so happened that the creative also expanded his resume that month by releasing his own app: Watts App, which features original videos, new songs and livestream events. It's his own channel, and his own world, which has become handy during his daily life in quarantine.

In-between going on Zoom for The Late Late Show and working out, Watts filled PAPER in on how he's been spending quarantine.

9:30 AM

Got up and immediately got on the treadmill for 30 minutes of fast walking. Sometimes I'll watch a video. I usually watch a TV show, like "The Blacklist" or something like that.

10:00 AM

Drank a breakfast shake with custom vitamin mix. I have, like, a custom vitamin mix that's made from Bayho and they do a blood draw and then analyze your blood and then they create a vitamin blend for you. So I use that, and then I just use a regular protein powder from Epic.

11:00 AM

Working out. Sometimes it's 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. It's not every day, but it's good.

12:40 PM

Sound Check for the Late Late Show from home studio. It's pretty, pretty basic. Just make sure that they can hear me and that's about it. There's some logistics things here and just making sure that your microphone is un-muted and the video is needed. I don't trust Zoom because it's made by a country that tends to put spyware in their software. So, I'm not a big fan of the security aspects of Zoom, but it works.

1:00 PM

Tape The Late Late Show from home. It's pretty basic. I just sit there, press play and sing between commercial breaks. It's pretty simple.

3:00 PM

Got done taping. My audio interface would be more compatible with my hybrid campfire audio Solaris headphones.

3:20 PM

Sent out three text messages.

4:12 PM

Had a phone call with my friend Steve and I had a phone call with my friend Lucy. They're nice people.

4:30 PM

Went live on Instagram. Sometimes I'll jam on Instagram or I'll do a live stream on WattsApp, my app that I created.

5:00 PM

Sometimes I'll have an edible and then I'll play video games or watch stuff.

6:00 PM

I put dinner in the oven for 30 minutes, and then when it's ready I pull it out, and I eat it. Usually I'll watch something and then when I'm done eating, I will continue watching something or playing video games and then that continues until I go to bed. I'm playing The Division 2, mainly that and Borderlands 3. I watch What We Do In The Shadows. A lot of sci-fi stuff: Devs, Westworld, Blindspot. Sometimes I watch movies. I tried watching Bloodshot. Vin Diesel is one of the worst actors of our generation, so it's just impossible. He just keeps trying. I mean, he was great in Pitch Black. Perfect guy for that movie. Absolutely. Then, Fast & Furious, whatever — I'll see all of those just because I've never not seen one. But anything other than that is just the worst; [he has the] worst character development. The women characters are like automatons and nothing makes any sense. He seems to be a very nice man [when he's been on The Late Late Show].

9:00 PM

Sometimes I'll organize things like wires. Just clean up stuff. A lot of clutter. I have a lot of technology so it gets messy pretty easily, so I have to organize it.

12:00 AM

Go to bed

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