Are you a human with a beating heart and an even mild appreciation for music? Do you happen upon duets and feel some kind of (heart ripped out of chest) way? If your answer to the above was yes, then boy, do Emmit Fenn and Yuna have a treat for you.

In what can only be described as a match made in literal heaven, 21 year-old multi-instrumentalist Emmit Fenn tapped Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna for new track "Modern Flame" and the results are nothing short of magical. The pair perform the song with live backing, in what makes for a rather untraditional, audio/visual presentation Fenn's new EP (which you can check out here).

"It was amazing being back with Yuna again to show what the song sounds like acoustically," Fenn said of the collaboration. "I originally wrote the song completely on the piano, so it was fun for me to bring that back with Yuna as well as Julien Altman, who does viola for a lot of my songs. I also can't wait to share a bonus track off the Prologue EP next week and a completely brand new project later this month!"

Watch and weep below.