Planet i is the Brand Behind Eyewear's Next Big Trend

Planet i is the Brand Behind Eyewear's Next Big Trend

In approximately three months, major fashion labels will begin showing their Spring/Summer collections. When it comes to accessories, we'll likely see the emergence of a new trend: glitter sunglasses, and we'll owe it to one eyewear newcomer, Eric Steginsky, whose brand Planet i made its first runway appearance last season for Nicopanda.

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There's a reason why Planet i's Instagram bio reads "The Original Glitter Eyewear." Steginsky, the brains behind the brand, is a trendsetter in the purest sense of the word, and it's only a matter of time before the entire fashion industry catches on. Names like Sateen, Sussi, Jazzelle and Sita Abellan have been wearing his designs for months already.

A former photography student who later segued into design, the 31-year-old began Planet i in late 2017 with the sole purpose of creating unforgettable eyewear. His formula is simple, but effective: updating classic styles like aviators or lolitas (otherwise known as "clout goggles") with brightly-colored frames and lenses imbued with iridescent glitter.

Planet i's latest collection, titled Eclipse, showcases the brand's first-ever venture into black lenses. Fear not, they're still sparkly enough to light up the room. There are four pairs: "Electra" (a cat eye shape), the square-shaped "Supernova," the oval "Vega," and Planet i's version of aviators, "Luna," all with charcoal frames and lenses.

"[I've had] a fascination with space and stars from a very young age," says Steginsky of the new drop's inspiration. "The eyewear is super unique and is meant to make everyone who wears it feel like a little star themselves. It is fun. They have a really compelling effect when you wear them, you just feel good."

Check out the full Eclipse campaign, below.

Photography: Marcus McDonald
Styling: George Verger
Creative Direction: Planet.i
Models: Jeff Hova, Marita Owens, Eugene Walela, Malik Alain