Do You Want to Bathe in Pepsi?
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Do You Want to Bathe in Pepsi?

Have you ever took the lid off of your drive-thru Pepsi and just sniffed in the carbonated beverage? Is that something that you would want to smell like?

Here's some great news for all three of you:

Pepsi has unveiled a bath bomb that smells just like its signature soda.

It comes as part of an entire Spa Kit that includes an exfoliating Pepsi-scented sugar scrub and face mask that is a "Refreshing Pepsi Blue."

The Pepsi-scented bath bomb itself is inspired by the brand's signature aesthetic and will taste and feel like real soda.

So basically, you'll be cleaning your entire body with soda. It's an extremely interesting concept that raises a lot of questions, but maybe those questions don't matter for the target audience that this is intended for.

Here's the thing: as of right now, this Pepsi spa kit isn't available to purchase in stores. It's part of a sweepstakes that you get entered into by tweeting the #PepsiSpa tag and then tagging a friend.

How badly do you want to smell like the thing you wash down bacon cheeseburgers with?

Full rules for the promotion can be found here.

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