PAPER and Cohart Celebrate Halloween With Ms. Boogie

PAPER and Cohart Celebrate Halloween With Ms. Boogie

Photography by Matt WeinbergerOct 31, 2023

PAPER is officially back! Like, Cher back — and to celebrate our relaunch, we teamed up with Cohart to throw a private Halloween party in NYC with all our favorite friends. Held at the Wiggle Room in Lower East Side, everyone showed up Sunday night in their wildest costumes to sip Mezcal Rosaluna espresso martinis and dance to DJ sets from Crush Sahara and DJ Miss Parker.

Our host for the evening, downtown it-girl Linux, flew around the venue dressed as a witch and blew bubble guns onto the dancefloor, alongside guests like Blue DeTiger, Uglyworldwide, Blizzy McGuire, Miss Madeline and Micah. New York legend Ms. Boogie performed two tracks live, including single, “Breakdown,” off her forthcoming debut album. “Bitch, I’m a clown,” she joked throughout, dressed like a sexy Pennywise. “Boo!”

Meanwhile, Cohart artist Gabe Weis drew original portraits of attendees in his signature “stream of consciousness meets Cubism” style as take-home artworks. The Wiggle Room was also decorated with work from another Cohart artist, Zach Collins, whose airbrush paintings of gimp masks, ghouls and creepy hand shadows added to the Halloween spirit (and were printed onto special PAPER-branded condoms, as well).

Cohart brings together visual artists, taste-makers, collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide to create an engaging mobile-first experience for buying, selling, and discovering art. As a social marketplace, the new app makes it easier for artists to sell their work and manage their businesses, while connecting directly with their consumers as a more modern solution to the gallery representation model.

“We are breaking down the barriers that have traditionally confined art appreciation, buying and selling to a select few,” say Cohart Co-Founders Kendall Warson and Shyevin S'ng. “We couldn't think of a better partner than PAPER, who sits on the cutting edge of culture, to realize this vision.”

Cohart believes access to art and creativity shouldn't be tied to your wealth. “Art should sit at the intersection of culture, for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they're from,” they add. “That’s what we’re building at Cohart — we're bringing art out of the white cube and back into the hands of people who are actively shaping culture.”

In the coming weeks, Cohart will welcome iconic figures from the PAPER community, like Linux, onto the app — and into the family — “to inspire a new era of artistic expression and connection.”

This article is a sponsored collaboration with Cohart

Photography: Matt Weinberger