Here's What Your Feed Will Look Like in 40 Years

Here's What Your Feed Will Look Like in 40 Years

Of all FaceApp's reality-defying filters, the old age one is the best and scariest. It allows users to preview the inevitable in terrifyingly realistic detail, which has led to some truly excellent memes, and also the creation of my new favorite Instagram account. @oldcelebslol is exactly what you think: all your faves, turned geriatric.

It's obviously fun to see celebs known for their freakishly smooth features get instantly ravaged by time, and admins make sure to roast people who are known for looking good (read: youthful) on camera. Especially influencers and YouTubers, ranging from the KarJenners to Tana Mongeau to Bretman Rock. The juxtaposition of puffy lipped narcissism and crow's feet is intriguing, and begs the question: will we all still be doing this shit when we're no longer young and beautiful?

Of course, thanks to good bone structure, some celebs still look incredible in spite of their advanced years. Billie Eilish is transformed into a cool witchy mom who sells crystals at a market stall on Saturdays, Beyoncé a wizened matriarch who dispenses useful if opaque life advice, Harry Styles a refined British gent who definitely still gets the ladies. Other photos have an unexpected poignancy: I stared at the re-imagined Ariana GrandeVogue cover for approximately three hours. She looks like a wistful nonna? Help.

Here's some fun gossip: the famous people aren't necessarily in on the joke. @oldcelebslol doesn't get specific, but at least one big name has slipped into the DMs to request an unflattering portrait be taken down. Luckily, the admins know the law. Hit follow!

Photo via @oldcelebslol