Object As Subject Envisions a World of Women In Power

Object As Subject Envisions a World of Women In Power

Led by Paris Hurley, the art-punk band premieres "Removal."

From the glittering sprawl of LA comes Object As Subject, an unapologetically feminist art-punk band comprising five powerful women. The band is made up of lead singer Paris Hurley, who has training as a classical violinist; Emilia "Pony Sweat" Richeson, Gina Young, Patty Schemel (Hole's former drummer), and Megan Fowler-Hurst. Together, with raw, almost feral force, they fiercely challenge patriarchal ideas head-on, their lyrics addressing subjects such as public catcalling, ways in which society degrades and objectifies women's bodies, and the sexual oppression and violence against women committed by and within Catholicism.

Ahead of their debut album, Permission, which is out August 17, they premiere the video for "Removal" with PAPER. In a collective statement about the video, which promotes a vision of women co-existing as a source of power in spaces of power, Object As Subject says the video "is a ritual honoring the fierce legacy of women we have been shaped by, and our responsibility in the shaping of future generations. It is the moment after a transformation... the acknowledgment that there is another transformation to come."

They continue: "['Removal'] is women inhabiting their own exquisite boundaries and confidence. There is no single leader. We are leading ourselves. We are leading each other."

Check out the premiere of "Removal," below. Pre-order Permission, here.