North West's 9 Defining Fashion Moments

North West's 9 Defining Fashion Moments

North West is six years old, AKA old enough to be an icon. Gen Z, baby! Six is the new 13, and 13 is the new 21, and 21 is the new 30. Apologies to anyone older than 21, but can you seriously tell me you know how to use TikTok? Thought not.

Now that she's all grown up, North is busy developing the set of skills and passions that will eventually destroy her — classic rite of passage. Given this kid's creative lineage, fashion was a natural fit, and mom is gently pushing her in a sartorial direction already. On Instagram earlier this week, Kim Kardashian shared how her daughter is "the ultimate fashionista," adding, "She comes with me to fabric stores and picks out... She's having fun and I am so happy she's so expressive." (Kanye, for what it's worth, seems to be more interested in North's musical talents — even having her perform at one of his recent Sunday Service shows. A tiny multi-hyphenate!)

Kim's caption accompanies an outfit photo that is, dare we say it, very Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie era? Something about those textured tights. Tavi was 12 when she hit it big, so West, half that age, is confirmed as a prodigy.

PAPER consulted Instagram and Getty to chart North's fashion journey. Her top 12 looks, below.

Downtown Diva

This eccentric feathered look tempered by the futuristic oversized (on her, I guess) saddle bag is perfection.

Jojo Siwa Super Stan

North is famously a devotee of YouTube's most ponytailed personality, and this tutu she chose for their meet and greet sticks to Siwa's rainbow-brite palette while subtly recalling Kanye's "Runaway" video.

Festival Cool Girl

When everyone else at Coachella went tie dye, North went minimalist. Here she is in head-to-toe Yeezy, proving once and for all that flower crowns have no place in 2019. (That's North's BFF Ryan Romulus on the right.)

Fendi But Make It Sleepy

She's nodding off, sure, but one look at this photo and I'm wide awake.

Neon Wealth

Remember when we were all wearing slime green? North did that.

Mini Me

It would be impossible not to include a cute Kim and North twinning moment — here she's rocking her mom's sunglasses collaboration with Carolina Lemke.

90s Club Kid

Like, actual kid. Child. Except looking better than any of us grown ups have ever.

Inventor of the Leopard Print Midi

North had a prolonged choker phase in 2016, clearly. But more importantly, that was the year she started the whole silky fabric leopard print thing.

Biker Chic

Kanye's facial expression here is distressing, but North is looking straight fire. I'm in my mid twenties and still can't afford a non-faux leather jacket of my own, which is fine. Fine!

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