Nokia Is Bringing Back the Brick

Nokia Is Bringing Back the Brick

In a major blast from the not-so-distant past, Nokia is getting ready to bring back their iconic (and nearly indestructible) 6310 "brick" phone.

Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the peak Y2K phone's original release, Nokia is rolling out an updated version with a larger screen, bigger buttons, a wireless FM radio, longer battery life and larger internal storage — all while keeping the same silhouette and durability that earned the phone its nickname in the first place. Oh, and you can play Snake on it, too!

"The new Nokia 6310 takes the iconic silhouette of the original and brings it up to date with some great new additions such as a large curved screen, improved readability and accessibility," Nokia says. "Plus a host of classic features you know and love: a wireless FM radio, an impressive battery that can go weeks between charges, and let's not forget the classic Snake."

First introduced in 2001 and later discontinued in 2005, the Nokia 6310 was one the most popular phones of the early millennium with rudimentary web functionality, such as being able to send messages, surf the web and run simple applications. Above all, it was perhaps best known for being nearly impossible to break.

In an age when smartphones fuel our already oversaturated information overload and the trauma of a shattered screen following a one-foot drop is all too familiar, maybe a return to the stripped-back "life proof" phone is just what we've been needing.

The new Nokia 6310 is set to first be available for customers in the UK for £59.99 (USD $82). There's no word yet on whether or not the company plans to bring the updated brick stateside.

Photo via Getty/ SSPL