Shirtless Noah Centineo Joins Shawn Mendes For #MyCalvins

Shirtless Noah Centineo Joins Shawn Mendes For #MyCalvins

Last week an extremely shirtless Shawn Mendes got us feeling some kind of way for Calvin Klein's spring #MyCalvins shoot — the singer's Instagram announcement understandably became his most-liked post ever. Now, as though we weren't sexually frustrated enough, CK has added Noah Centineo, Kendall Jenner, and A$AP Rocky into the mix, revealing more nearly-NSFW imagery from the campaign this morning.

A press release states that the cast of teen dreams were chosen "for their unapologetic attitudes and confidence; their willingness to embrace the spirit of youth." That's a creative way of saying "toned abs" and "many social media followers."

Appearing alongside Mendes, Centineo, A$AP and Jenner are models Jasmine Daniels, Anna Ewers, Jiali Zhao, Lulu Tenney, Ernesto Cervantes, Fernando Albaladejo, Timo Baumann, Tommy Vanden Meerssche, and Michael Order. A further set of photos will be released soon, shot by Beyoncé's fave Tyler Mitchell.

Turn the screen away from your coworkers and enjoy the full spring #MyCalvins campaign, below.

Photos by Calvin Klein