NikkieTutorials Is Delaying Her Wedding

NikkieTutorials Is Delaying Her Wedding

Coronavirus has already taken away so many heartwarming pop culture moments from fans over the past month — concerts, album releases, festivals, conventions — but now you can add NikkieTutorials' wedding to the list.

"We decided to postpone our wedding," Nikkie De Jager states in her newest video alongside her fiancé, Dylan Drossaers. She makes sure to note that, despite the video's clickbait title, they do still plan on getting married, just not this year as originally planned. "Because of that bitch 'Rona," she continues, "outside, messing up the world."

Fans just about had a heart attack when seeing the thumbnail and title for the video, but were quickly assured within the first minute that all was well between the happy couple. Unfortunately, Nikkie's wedding is not the only big ceremony getting postponed out of safety concerns in 2020. J-Lo confirmed a few days ago that her and A-Rod were postponing their wedding due to the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, and a source told People that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's 150-person wedding in Japan is also being put on ice.

It's tragic, yes, because many fans were looking forward to seeing Nikkie on her big day after enduring all the hardships she's gone through in the press during the past year. Most of all, however, her longtime fans were excited to see what makeup look the YouTuber would choose and if, in fact, we would be getting a tutorial. Alas, we must wait until "That bitch 'Rona" passes on to get the full scoop.

Photo via YouTube