Nicola Formichetti Transforms Japanese Comedian Cookie

Nicola Formichetti Transforms Japanese Comedian Cookie

When Nicola Formichetti found out that one of his favorite comedians and visual artists was in town from Japan, he had to set up something wild for the two to collaborate on.

Cookie, real name Kunihiro Kawashima, is an artist and comedian taking over the Japanese art world, and is even making waves with touring works in Taiwan and China. He's known for his inexplicably quirky stylings, wide smiles, and unconventional drawings; faces, hands, and bodies are contorted and almost joked about within his artistry.

The two have come together for a shoot like no other, taking place in both Formichetti's studio and in the center of Times Square. The shoot sees Cookie outfitted in the stringy stylings of Eda Birthing, a Nicopanda hoodie, and a "Cocoon" by Erik Bergrin. Each silhouette is exaggerated, of course, but structurally cascading like the loose ends of a punchline gone wrong.

Check out the full shoot, below.

Fashion: Nicola Formichetti
Fashion Assistants: Marta del Rio & Miguel Sanchez
Photography: Harvey Lee
Hair: Yusuke Miura
Makeup: Maki Ryoke at Streeters using NARS Cosmetics