Nick Lachey Appears to Diss Ex Jessica Simpson With Marriage Jab

Nick Lachey Appears to Diss Ex Jessica Simpson With Marriage Jab

Nick Lachey appears to have taken a jab at ex Jessica Simpson with a shady comment about marriage.

During the recently released reunion episode, the 98 Degrees singer sat down with his Love Is Blind co-host and now-wife, Vanessa Lachey, to talk about everything that went down on season three and their own experiences with finding love. And of course, there were also some quips about the speed bumps they encountered along the way, including one less than kind comparative courtesy of Lachey.

While speaking to contestant Matt Bolton about past marriages, Lachey ended up saying that marriage "is always better the second time," which many interpreted as a diss towards Simpson, who he was married to for almost four years before they divorced in 2006.

"Nick Lachey DID NOT just say ‘hey marriage is always better the second time, right?' Oh my God," as one shocked Twitter user wrote, before a second person chimed in by saying, "Nick Lachey is TRASH for that 'it's better the second time' comment on the reunion."

Meanwhile, some argued that even though you could "say what you will about love is blind season 3... Nick Lachey did not have to bring Jessica Simpson into this," with a critic saying that the moment between the former Newlywedsstars "felt icky." And as another Simpson defender went on to point out, it was "crazy especially with what Jessica is going through now," as she's been the subject of public scrutiny, concern trolling and hateful ridicule following her recent appearance in a Pottery Barn ad.

Not only that, but many thought it was odd for Lachey to dredge up old history like this, especially since the exes called it quits over a decade and a half ago, as a fan observed that "Nick lachey shading Jessica Simpson after all these years of him being 'happily in love' is so weird to me."

Simpson has yet to comment on Lachey's suspected dig.

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