Nick Lachey Must Attend AA, Anger Management Over Paparazzi Assault

Nick Lachey Must Attend AA, Anger Management Over Paparazzi Assault

Nick Lachey must attend anger management and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings after a heated altercation with a paparazzo.

According to TMZ, the 49-year-old Love Is Blind host is participating in a prefiling diversion program to avoid criminal prosecution by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. If complies, his misdemeanor assault and battery charges will be dropped.

The order stems from a March 2022 incident where the former 98 Degrees member realized he was being filmed by photographer Jody Santos while exiting a restaurant in Beverly Hills with wife Vanessa Lachey. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Santos claimed that she'd "taken photos of him plenty of times and never had a problem, but this time was different." However, she went on to say that Lachey approached her at Vanessa's alleged encouragement, which is when Santos "immediately locked my door and rolled up my window as fast as I could."

"He then start punching the window. I thought he was going to break his hand, that's how hard he was hitting the glass," she said. "I am surprised he didn't shatter the window."

Santos added, 'In all my years of photographing celebrities, no one has ever tried to hit me. I am just relieved that I rolled up my window as fast as I did, otherwise he would have knocked me out. No doubt about it."

After Lachey began walking away, Santos asked why he was "being so mean" to her when he "used to be so nice," which led him to double back and allegedly call her a "pussy motherfucker" while reaching into Santos' car and trying to grab her phone, which was captured in previous footage obtained by TMZ.

Despite Santos' allegations, she accused the district attorney's office of "preferential treatment," as he didn't receive any punishment until she followed up for months with the Beverly Hills Police Department. She also said that Lachey has "had plenty of time to apologize, but instead he just figured I would go away."

Shortly after the altercation, Lachey took to Twitter with a statement about how he "clearly overreacted" after being "harassed" by Santos.

"I've been in this game long enough to know that their antics are sadly part of the deal. Stupid of me," Lachey continued, prior to refuting any "reckless and absolutely false" reports that said "I was violent or that I 'got physical' with someone."

"Once again, TMZ likes to create their own clickbait narrative," he wrote. "Life's too short, we move on."

Lachey has yet to publicly comment on his participation in the prefiling diversion program.

Photo via Getty / Johnny Louis