Nathy Peluso Embodies Lust in 'Estás Buenísimo'

Nathy Peluso Embodies Lust in 'Estás Buenísimo'

Argentinian artist Nathy Peluso is a chameleon, transcending culture and language with her slick and smart raps and production, packaged into a challenging and magnetic punk package. Today, she premieres "Estás Buenísimo," a sexy, sweaty and relatable romp through trying to holler at a fine-ass man.

Peluso's lackadaisical delivery is laser-focused, sultry and smooth as she whispers compliments and nasty fantasies that will make anyone's knees buckle. The track is entirely self-produced. Clicks and a steady galloping beat propels Peluso's message forward. She's unapologetically horny, and reappropriates the language men use toward women as both a commentary on cat-calling and as a way to fill the void for what Peluso saw as a missed opportunity to give men the spotlight.

In the accompanying Little Spain-directed video, Peluso turns gender roles on their head by performing as a sexually aggressive woman. Dressed in a minimalist outfit reminiscent of '50s greasers, Peluso chases after the object of her fantasies, Spanish model Jon Kortajerena, into the night, barking all the things she'd like to do to him. Alongside her girl gang, Peluso attempts to seduce him.

In addition to the new video, Peluso has also recently been named the face of eclectic Spanish fashion label Desigual. The singer strips down to model the brand's insect-like Mantis Bag.

Speaking on the decision to collaborate, brand founder Tomas Meyer said:

"Our values align with Nathy's and that was a determining factor in proposing that we develop this project together. She is also a renowned singer and songwriter, with an undeniable international profile and a meteoric career. Having her as our ambassador will enable us to connect with a fresh audience, with women who identify with her and the messages in her songs. We are confident that this audience will also be drawn to our new collection, which is brimming with Desigual DNA and features designs that express the personality of whoever chooses to wear them."

Below, watch the "Estás Buenísimo" and read on to learn about Peluso's approach to the new single, as well as how it feels to be the face of Desigual.

What's the specific message behind "Estas Buenísimo”? Did something, someone, or a moment in your life, specific inspire the lyrics?

"Estas Buenísimo” is a raw rap track that I made in one day. I didn’t have any intentions other than to write bars and enjoy the process of writing rap, which I haven’t done in a very long time. I found myself with the concept when I was almost at the end of writing the song about a guy that I find super sexy. I realized that there aren’t many women singing songs to men, telling the men that they're hot. But there are a lot of songs the other way around so I found it very interesting to show that perspective, from a natural side, but also in a satirical and ironic way. The song is a way to help normalize the fact that women can also flirt like that, say what we’re thinking about a person that we like, without having to repress ourselves to fit in an established behavior.

What's the inspiration behind the song's music video? Did you co-direct the video?

To be honest the inspiration comes directly from simulating a mirage with Michael Jackson’s "The Way You Make Me Feel" music video. I've wanted to recreate a scene like the one in the video for a while, but in reverse. The message of that song, it really fits like a glove in terms of the concept. I thought it was a good moment to pay homage. We can say that I co-directed since I’ve been involved from the construction of the video to the creative direction. I obviously like to be involved in every artistic decision, starting with the color to the camera language and photographic language. Every decision means a lot to me. So I’m super entangled in every and any detail, to make sure the final product is how I imagined. For this video, I’ve had the idea for a while, so I decided to make it happen with Roge and Felix, who have respected all of my inputs and they took my idea to an incredible level.

You’re a provocative artist known for rousing fans with your ever-changing versatile releases. Do you enjoy leaving fans wondering what to expect next from a future release?

Being unpredictable comes natural to me, it’s not something planned. I think it’s just the way I work, the way I compose and create. I don’t like to stay very long in the same place, I’m very chameleonic and constantly changing in my day to day. In regard to my creative side, I like to surprise people, but it’s not something that I do consciously. I don’t really do anything to provoke people’s reaction, I simply do them. Sometimes I don’t even know why I’m doing them! But I trust my art and believe it’s connected. I feel that people already know the type of artist I am and my modus operandi. I always enjoy the way people perceive my music, no matter the genre or style of music, they are super receptive and open to the different vibes. The warmth in which they sing the songs, love my music and the way they join me in my journey. Having said that, I want to take advantage of the question to state that I’m sure that everything that I’m doing in this new project is not going to fit with what people are expecting from me, and of course, I definitely enjoy that controversy.

Onto your Desigual collaboration, the nude campaign image is so strong. How did it feel to strip down for this shoot?

It is a good memory for me since it was a very beautiful, creative moment which I shared with my crew and an amazing photographer with an amazing energy. It was very special for me, really comfortable. I always felt very inspired and it was a pleasure. It always feels really powerful when you can be just you.

What values do you share with Desigual?

I share values like the artistry comes first and all the messages about freedom, uniqueness and being yourself. Their works ethics, their brand history and everything that they’ve done for fashion, their ethic values and moral values which are always based on being transparent.

What was the collaborative process like between you and Desigual?

It was really enjoyable and a very inspiring process, since they’ve always respected the way I show myself, my creative values, my artistic decisions. They’ve supported that from day one, and collaborating like that with such a beautiful brand is super comforting and it makes you feel proud about the collaboration.

How do you describe your own personal style?

I would say I can’t really explain my personal style, it’s always changing and I don’t think you can close yourself to just one style. I just try to be myself and enjoy fashion!

Photo courtesy of Txema Yeste