Nailed It: Rhinestone Freckles

Nailed It: Rhinestone Freckles

From its roots in New York and Japan to a proliferation around the world thanks to the connectedness of social media, intricate, over-the-top nail art is alive and well and has never been more inventive. Each day, Nailed It will highlight a manicure or style we love, from both celebrity and underground nail artists.

Rhinestone Freckles

Sometimes in a world of maximalist, 3D art, you need a minimalist palette cleanser to make you appreciate the simple things. Enter Park Eunkyung, a well-known Korean nail artist and owner of the Seoul-based salon Unistella, with her simple rhinestone look over transparent extensions. The effect is a sprinkling of sparkling freckles, which may or may not last longer than a day but either way will leave you with a fresh canvas to work from for the next look.

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