Mutants Mixtape Ups the Ante Again on 'Vol. 5: FREE'

Mutants Mixtape Ups the Ante Again on 'Vol. 5: FREE'

Initially created as a place for Arca fans to connect and interact, in the span of a year the Mutants1000000 Discord server has grown to become a thriving community of like-minded artists, musicians, and curators collaborating as a collective towards being its own creative force for good. Since its inception, the community's Mutant Mixtape series has steadily grown with each progressive volume, benefitting causes like the Native American Rights Fund, the queer Polish organization Fundusz dla Odmiany and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund along the way.

Returning for its fifth installment, Mutants Mixtape Vol. 5: FREE sees the series continue to bolster its roster with contributions from an abrasive drone track from Holly Herndon, a chilled out house roller from Nicolas Jaar's side project Against All Logic, a sweaty electro banger from the Daveed Diggs-fronted trio clipping, as well as submissions from Kai Whiston, CMTEN, Cecile Believe, Fire-Toolz, Matmos, the customary Arca track and more. In addition to over four hours of music to feast your ears on, the mixtape also comes with a mini-zine featuring art from Weirdcore, Ricky Eat Acid and Graphix Slayer.

"Mutants Mixtape has existed for over a year now. Born during a pandemic, and still living in one, MM has been used as an outlet of protest for those who march on the streets in the day and dwell on the internet in the night," the curators of this Mutants Mixtape edition said in a statement. "We are a group of 21st century radicals using newfound technology to come together for the common good. With the tools we've been given, we can make a difference in countries thousands of miles away from us. MM is all about putting those tools to good use."

Proceeds from Mutants Mixtape Vol. 5: FREE will go towards providing humanitarian aid to those in Palestine affected by the ongoing Israeli attacks through the Palestine Red Crescent Society, a branch of the The Red Cross operating around the Gaza Strip.

Mutants Mixtape Vol. 5: FREEis out now exclusively via Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Mutants Mixtape