This New York Designer Makes Shoes Out of Your Old Denim

This New York Designer Makes Shoes Out of Your Old Denim

Modern Vice does not live up to it's name. "Vice" generally refer to immoral habits, harmful to yourself or others, and while the NYC-based footwear brand is certainly modern, there's nothing unsavory about it.

In fact, they make a point of it being such. Designs that would have the likes of David Bowie beating down their door aside, the label has ensured they lead the most sustainable fashion business possible. Not many designers have instigated a "Recycled Denim Program," in which the brand quite literally transforms your own donated jeans and jackets to be hand-distressed and fashioned into a pair of shoes.

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The idea stemmed from co-founder and co-designer, Jordan Adoni's, own experimentation with a leather jacket-turned-boots, which eventually ended up on Ne-Yo, now Modern Vice's new pop-up in Soho will include recycling bins for those wishing to drop off their unwanted denim, to gain a substantial discount. Old flannels are accepted, as well. The brand also made sure to a offer both genuine and vegan leather options, sourced from Italy and the US, and all is made-to-order at their New York-based factory using organic materials where customers are invited to see the shoemaking process themselves.

"It is a constant flow of energy coming in and going out; the energy of the customers and the designs of the shoes feed off of each other," Adoni says. "We see how our clients respond and bring it to life. Being based in NYC's garment district, customers visit us from all over the world, and their own individuality transpires into the energy of our creative flow."

The brands spring collection certainly embraces individuality. From florals to lightening bolt-adorned leather, the new line is fit to take you to your favorite band's secret show to brunch with your parents the next day. Take a look, below.

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